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We all know what it is like getting started. You've got a new hoop. You think it's super pretty but you don't know where to start. Check out our short video tutorials to get you started. Your hoop dance journey starts NOW!

You will drop your hoop if you are new to this so never be concerned when it happens. Keep picking it up and keep at it. You got this!

Get that groovy playlist switched on, set yourself some "you" time and start practicing. Here is a handy video illustrating what you need to do!

A simple addition to your beginner hoop dance repetoire. An easy way to enter the hoop so that you can go from off the body to waist hooping. 

Please take extra care when practicing this move. 

A heavy hoop for this move might well be uncomfortable for your so I would recommend using a 20mm hoop. 

Also if you have children they will love to hoop on their necks, make sure that they do so in the manner described in the tutorial and make certain that they are not moving their necks to propel the hoop.

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